How to take images in different colour of lights

Images are all about capturing the proper moments that join the feelings closely through the senses and bring tremendous pleasure. It is a humble activity wherein everything is treated with delicacy and precision to get the instant captured the manner it should be. It all comes with experience, staying patience and attention to element. Wedding occasion is something that in case you leave out its clean attraction, then it can't be created like the first time.

You cannot deal with these special moments like every other moment. Those special moments are the treasure trove of a pair’s dating.

Date : 16 sept 2019

Perfect way to learn this art quickly and precisely

Reasons to hire professional wedding photographer

According to Srivastava Studio wedding photography is the most difficult and also most interesting art of photography. Srivastava Studio is the most famous and versatile photographer in Lucknow. He has done plenty of projects regarding wedding photography. According to Srivastava Studio wedding photography is not the subject only for professional, wedding photography can do anyone and it is the photography who entertains every one. So if you think that you don’t know so much about wedding photography so you cannot do the photography it is wrong.

Nowadays everyone has Smartphone which has good quality camera so you can also capture photos when you are out with your family or you are on trip with friends.

Date : 05 sept 2019

Perfect way to learn this art quickly and precisely

Perfect way to learn this art quickly and precisely

For a beginner level photography, the most important thing is to practice out your skills. Though it might sound obvious, going out and experimenting with your camera and photography gear is the perfect way to learn this art quickly and precisely with the photographer in Lucknow . One might get bored photographing the same stuff day in and day out, so, getting out, experimenting and exploring is the only way to achieve mastery on your photography skills.

There are some magnificent rather great ideas with us for you to get inspired from it. Some of the projects could be undertaken by you on a rainy day, like taking some lovely macro photographs by creating art out of incense and best candid photographer in Lucknow . One could capture landscapes and can dramatize the shadows to make the photos look good.

Date : 17 sept 2018

Before Holding A Camera, You Should Know Photography And Their Types

Before Holding A Camera, You Should Know Photography And Their Types

Making a Click sound by holding a camera doesn’t make you a successful photographer . It’s beyond this. Professional photographers come with a great knowledge about Camera, Pose, Location and all other factors which come in between the photography sessions. Whenever you get clicked, it’s not always the same situation. Sometimes, you took photography in your home & sometimes in wedding parties, outdoor locations, etc. By keeping these things in minds, Srivastava studio categorized photography in different means.

Qualities of Successful Photographer

Qualities of Successful Photographer

1.    Creative Mind A photographer should be of the creative mind. His Ideas and creativity are the only factors which take your photography to the next level. Ideas should be adopting so that it brings the effectiveness to your pictures in every field.

2.    Technical knowledge Photography is all about camera tricks and it depends on how you are using it to get the desired photos. If you don’t know how to properly use the camera you will go to spoil your Photos and vice-versa. A Well qualified photographer is the one who has the vast technical knowledge which he should use in his photography sessions to give your photography decency.

3.    Ambitious in Nature Photography is not just about a profession, it’s a passion. A real photographer should be passionate about his work and makes effort to bring his skill to the next level. Having ambition in work always make you dedicated throughout your entire work period which is always in the favor of the photographer .


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